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Kasetsart University Computer Engineering Students receive First Prize from “2024 ASC Student Supercomputer Challenge”

▲ Team Kasetsart Group Photo

Students from Department of Computer Engineering, Kasetsart University, including Mr. Nath PRACHAYAKUL, Mr. Napassakorn SAE NIEO, Mr. Sirapat PANMOON, Mr. Anawat MOONMANEE, and Mr. Krittiwit KAMPRADAM, advised by Chawanat NAKASAN, D.Eng., have received the Firstr Prize from the ASC Student Supercomputer Challenge, a competition held by the ASC Committee and none other than Professor Jack Dongarra. The competition was held in Shanghai, PRC, and the prize was awarded on 2024-04-13.

Nath, the team leader, explained that in the ASC Student Supercomputer Challenge, competitors work in teams to construct server clusters and network systems from scratch, and execute the six given programs and benchmarks at the fastest times possible. This is the first experience of the team, giving them valuable experience such as using the Infiniband equipment and applying comprehensive knowledge in computer engineering to improve the program performance and efficiency. Also important is the opportunity to meet teams from other countries with competitive experience, allowing them to exchange knowledge and friendship.

The team advisor, Chawanat NAKASAN, has commented that Kasetsart University students have high potential and motivation to begin with. This opportunity allows them to challenge themselves in a new environment and meet like-minded individuals from around the world to promote motivation and leadership. Furthermore, this experience allows them to become part of high-performance computing researchers, giving them a career opportunity as well as chances to build interpersonal and interorganizational relationships.

This competition allowed students to apply the knowledge they learned in school and test themselves in high-pressure environments with time constraints and technical challenges.

Competition Photos

▲△ Group Photo of Team Kasetsart and Team Cordoba (Argentina) & Trophy

▲ Kasetsart University Students with Professor Jack Dongarra, the author of LINPACK // Photo Courtesy Ewa Deelman / ASC Committee

▲ Competition Venue

▲ Competition Venue (Panorama)


Students (team roster order)

  • Mr. Napassakorn SAE NIEO
  • Mr. Sirapat PANMOON
  • Mr. Anawat MOONMANEE
  • Mr. Krittiwit KAMPRADAM


  • Onsite Advisor: Chawanat NAKASAN, D.Eng.
  • Chief Advisor and Laboratory Leader: Prof. Chantana CHANTRAPORNCHAI, Ph.D.

All photos © Chawanat Nakasan / Kasetsart University / CC-BY 4.0 (unlimited uncredited use licensed to Kasetsart University) unless credited in the caption.

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